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Build a Membership Site You Can Be Proud Of

Turn your knowledge into monthly revenue

Member+ is a 90 day program designed to help you build your membership site and passive income stream on top of your thriving business. This 3-stage program is ideal for coaches and consultants who have a good idea about their existing client base and pricing but want to go from coaching/consulting to selling online courses and content to their clients.

“I’ve pre-sold over $1k in monthly recurring revenue”

Juliana built ScaleBox using the Member+ service. Before her site went live she presold over $1k/month in recurring revenue.

“I didn’t want to just do 1-1 consulting anymore.”

“I wanted to help more people and scale my business” Member+ helps you productize your knowledge so you can focus on high-ticket projects while capturing monthly, recurring revenue

“They removed tech obstacles I didn’t even know existed”

Member+ helps you with a secure checkout and automation so that you can focus on signing up clients

Why us?

We Help You Monetize Content You Already Have

If you’re been in business for a while you probably have dozens of documents: Powerpoints, workshop outlines, PDFs, worksheets that are useful to your consulting or coaching but otherwise are sitting there unused. Why not turn them into online content you can sell to new or existing customers? We can help. See also: We Save you Time

You Get 100% Control of Your Platform

There are plenty of membership and online course solutions available on the market. Teachable, Kajabi etc. These are all excellent solutions but each has their pluses and minuses. We use a WordPress-based tech stack which gives you the greatest amount of flexibility for:

  • Complete control over analytics unlike Teachable
  • Integration into your website and brand unlike Kajabi
  • Woocommerce integration for payment integration with any payment processor your like (PayPal, Stripe and others)
  • CRM integration so that you can import and tag customers on your existing platform (infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ZOHO and others)
We Handle the Technical Stuff

Securing your site and optimizing for search and social, to boost customer confidence and leads to more order completions. User access control so that you can automate and sell different types of content to your customers. Payment gateways and custom ecommerce set up, make it easy to get paid more quickly. Setting up subscription payments for your customers, money automatically deposited into your account every month.

We Save You Time

If you’ve been in business for a while, you probably already know that you should have an online course or membership program that generates you additional revenue. Maybe you even created a course on Teachable or a similar platform but haven’t been active in selling it. Why? You’re too busy! Utilizing our three step program to monetization, we’ll help you onboard your first 5 clients, generating revenue immediately and also setting up a process to make it easy for your to keep making money from your existing audience. Let us take the work off of your hands and put money into your pocket.

You Get Expert Coaching and Curriculum Help

With over 25 years of teaching and web development experience, you’ll get the help you need to build a membership environment worthy of your existing business. Our coaching program is a 90 days done-with-you approach where we do the heavy lifting on organizing your content and tech and work with you to develop your membership site in the way that best fits your brand. Expert help with curriculum and content organization including gamification, engagement, and data tracking so that you can see what content performs best to know how to market future modules and keep customers coming back.

Member+ Saves You time & Earns You Money Without Compromise
  • Build membership site that fully represents your brand
  • Build online courses and modules that your are proud of
  • Create a customer experience that your clients (and you) feel excited about
  • Increase the lifetime value of your existing customers (keep them coming back)
  • Generate passive income and automatically collect payments every month with no invoicing or active processing
  • Sell more products more quickly and repeatably

"It just feels like mine. Member+ helped me make a Membersite that I was excited to promote and sell."

– Juliana, Member+ client

Member+ helped make Juliana a membership site that is easier to sell, allowed her to charge a higher price. 

The Member+ Difference

Juliana started to build her membership site & online course series, ScaleBox, on Teachable but decided she wanted something that was less cookie cutter and fit her audience better.

ScaleBox on Teachable

ScaleBox built with Member+

"This has been great! Having the accountability alone has been helpful."

– Marie, Member+ Client

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